“Southwestern Fundraising stands behind their products. Thanks for a great experience every time!”

—Gwen Graham, Choral Director


What People are Saying

Meet Jeff Page

Dynamic describes Jeff…

“Jeff Page has been dynamic for our school. His personality and ability to motivate both the students and staff has been second to none. Our sales have been better than ever because of his efforts.”

Bob Suman, Principal

Meet Christian Santana

I highly recommend…

“ReadySetFund was a fun and easy way to generate funds for my program. As teachers, we are constantly bombarded with things from every angle, so it can be difficult to sanction off some time for fundraising. ReadySetFund understands this and promotes fundraising platforms that have a quick and almost effortless turnaround so that the task does not become another daunting chore imposed on teachers and students. A special shoutout to our rep, Christian Santana, who guided us every step of the way. This is the future of fundraising.”

Alexander Rodriguez, MAS at Zelda Glazer Broadcast Teacher

Meet Angela McAlister

I count on Angela…

“Working alongside Angela has been a fabulous experience.  I am so thankful to have her recommendations, guidance, organization and positive attitude leading our fundraising efforts.  She interacts exceptionally well with students and understands what works for our program and community.  She makes fundraising with her a breeze!  Looking forward to many more years to come!”

Samara Valla, Haslett Choirs

Meet Aaron Lynn

Raised $30,000 yearly…

All of our fundraisers have been successful. In fact, we have raised over $30,000 profit each year!

He is patient, organized, energetic and accessible for all of our questions. He is responsive to our needs, clientele and student body. Aaron makes our fundraising so easy because of his commitment to our success. I look forward to continuing our relationship with him in the future.

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