How do we get started with a fundraiser?

We would love to help you raise the funds you need. Please call us at 800.251.1542.

It seems to me the longer we sell the more we make. But our fundraising representative says we should keep our program short. Why is that?

It’s a lot like giving homework to students. If you give a student 4 weeks to do a paper, most will use just the last few days to do all the work. By keeping it short and focused, your students are more likely to have good results.

Do we pay sales tax?

We follow the tax laws in your state. If your organization has the proper tax documents required by your state, you are not required to pay tax. (We require documentation to be on file to verify this fact). If you do not have a tax exemption number or your group is not tax exempt, you will be charged tax. Verify your tax status with your organization.

To whom should checks be written?

Check with the sponsor of your program, or your parent letter to find out this answer. Or if you are the sponsor, please check with your Southwestern Fundraising Salesperson.

Where are you located?

Our corporate offices are in Nashville, Tennessee, however we have fundraising consultants throughout the country who are ready to assist you and your group.

Click “Let’s Talk” or call us at 800.251.1542. We will be happy to provide you with more information.


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