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We Help You Promote Reading At Home

Great For Parents
Parents who read have kids who read. In fact, children are more likely to read if they see their parents make reading a habit*. We offer both print and digital titles. (*

Fun Fact: Americans will spend $1.3 billion on digital magazines this year. (

Great For Kids
Magazines are filled with nonfiction writing which helps children develop critical thinking skills. Magazine articles provide reluctant readers with a lively breezy writing style that can inspire them to read more. (

Fun Fact: Reading for just 20 minutes a day = 1.8 million words a year. (


The Southwestern Fundraising
Family Reading Program

  • Includes The Family Reading Program and Magazines in a Minute Brochures!
  • These beautiful easy-to-use brochures are proven to meet your customers’ needs and improve sales results.
  • Over 500 offers at incredibly low prices!
  • SWTrak provides an innovative way for customers to keep track of their orders.
  • The full-service Southwestern Reading Program eliminates the need for money collection and check processing!
  • Cause-related offers also.
GAO TFR Elementary F18-cover

Time For Reading

  • Especially designed for elementary schools.
  • A great way to help get the whole family reading!
  • Includes an easy-to-read catalog featuring 50 of the most popular kids magazines broken out by grade level.
  • Over 500 offers at incredibly low prices!
  • Includes a fun chart to help promote and track reading at home.

Reading Rally

  • No money to collect! No checks to process!
  • Especially designed for elementary schools.
  • Excellent way to promote reading outside the classroom.
  • Principals, Educators, Media Specialists and Parent Organizations love this simple and profitable program.
  • Can be run in just 3 days!

Mag Add-On…
Our Top 200!

  • Small but mighty! A miniature version of our Great American Reading Family Program Brochure.
  • Excellent way to earn needed funds in a short amount of time.
  • May be easily added to programs featuring cookie dough, gifts, candles, tumblers and more!


  • No Order Taking! No Money to Collect! No Checks to Process!
  • The most simple way to raise funds yet!
  • This program may be run alone or added to any Great American Fundraising Program.

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