No Products to Deliver!
No Cash or Checks to collect and count!

Your organization will have your own Custom Online Store to collect and track support.  Supporters use digital payments to make small donations every month, which is less of a burden on them and provides monthly income for you! Get the app and track your progress.

Big Blast

Students collect online donations to raise money for your school. Then, to celebrate their success, the students are treated to the BIG BLAST event! This is an amazing event where they will challenge themselves on fun-filled inflatable obstacle courses and an interactive fun zone! The more donations students collect, the more prizes they will earn! The Big Blast fundraiser gives your students a day to remember while earning your school large profits! LESS WORK FOR YOU… MORE FUN FOR YOUR STUDENTS! 


Flashfund is an online money maker.  Supporters donate on your customized website. Every donation helps you raise needed funds.